Pownce Notes :: September 2007


11 Sept, 2007

OK, I googled “petestringfellow” cuz I wanted to grab some images for a mobile phone site and my pownce account shows up 9th on the results and Moss is 10th. The power of pownce. Pete, you’re a star via me :-P www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe…

12 Sept, 2007

song 1, the Grey Album… want more? I need some pownce back, peeps… 01 Public Service Announcement.m4a

13 Sept, 2007

Good tune from David Vandervelde – “Jacket” I’ve only got the two songs by this guy but checked out other stuff via iLike . Thinking it may be worth a purchase. Enjoy. Jacket.mp3


Another one from David Vandervelde. “Nothin No” Immo, I sent this private to you, but hey, twice is nice. Nothin’ No.mp3

Just created a pownce group for friends with no photo… and you’re on it. Not so subtle hint ;-)

14 Sept, 2007

Kind of late to the party, but the Tegan and Sara album. The Con, is damn good.

Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip …. fun stuff Thou Shalt Always Kill.mp3

20 Sept, 2007

Track 1 – DJ Danger Mouse :: Grey Album 01 Public Service Announcement.m4a


As if you have time to look at all the video sites out there… Chime.tv looks pretty good for the brief time I spent on it. Chickety check it. www.fresharrival.com/blog/archive…
Track 2… sooo gooood. 02 What More Can I Say.m4a

26 Sept, 2007

new Band of Horses coming out soon. Needless to say, very much looking forward to this one. Is There A Ghost.mp3


track 3 from danger mouse 03 Encore.m4a


Check out the 5 minute video of Hurricane Katrina Photography. Worth it. digg.com/videos/educational/Bill_…


Danger Mouse track 4 04 December 4th.m4a

27 Sept, 2007

Track 5, you diggin' it yet? 05 99 Problems.m4a


Track 6 is my favorite I think 06 Dirt Off Your Shoulder.m4a


28 Sept, 2007

Nails the news punditry to the wall. www.theonion.com/content//node/67…

Just add a damn photo people. ;-)

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