Pownce Notes :: November 2007


2 Nov, 2007

may Dog the Bounty Hunter rot in obscurity


holy crap



6 Nov, 2007



Great vid on the Paradox of Choice – Why More is Less. It's an hour, but you watch movies, right? Right? Right?!?

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9 Nov, 2007

Funny stuff; sad at the same time. Kind of like the Darwin awards.



12 Nov, 2007

I've missed the Mac/PC ads. This one's good.



14 Nov, 2007

Bit the $20 bullet and went pro despite my friends' lame participation level.


15 Nov, 2007

37? Did I age faster than you somehow? Here's a little welcome tune by David Vandervelde; found this guy via the KEXP song of the day podcast which is pretty bitchin'

Nothin' No.mp3


don't know why; catchy song; thought I'd share.

zefrank __ post show __ scared.m4v


skip ahead to 12-1/2 minutes of this podcast. Great story on a guy mapping sounds in his office. do it!

#110_ Mapping.mp3


16 Nov, 2007

Free and legal, baby… free and legal music.



19 Nov, 2007

Chuck Norris doesn't have a chin beneath that beard stubble, only another fist.

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20 Nov, 2007

those kids are so clever these days.



21 Nov, 2007

May the Force be with you.



29 Nov, 2007

leahculver says: schrodingercat says: MOST ADORABLE VIDEO EVER!

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Add Reap&Sow to your friend's list. They post a new, free and legal song M-F for download. This is the first one I thought worthy of a forward to my friends.

reapandsow says: ARTIST: Nathan Moore

ALBUM: In His Own Worlds

TRACK: "For The Paper Boy"

Artist Website: http://nathanmoore.org/

iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/279das
Rhapsody: http://play.rhapsody.c…


"Moore's songwriting is a combination of his intensity with the unpretentious mastery of language, literary depth, sardonic humor, incisive insight and unflinching honesty."

- John Conquest / Third Coast Music

Surprise Me Mr. Davis…

Surprise Me Mr. Davis is named after a snowed-in weekend Moore spent with The Slip in Boston, where there was nothing to do but try to surprise each other with unexpected musical gems—“Surprsie Me!” they prompted each other. Later in the week, Nathan received a message on his cell phone from a kind old lady who thought she was calling a “Mr. Davis”. "O' you're having fun with that recording!” the message said. “Well I guess you guys are snowed in, I bet you're drinking a lot of hot chocolate….have a nice day." The randomness and magical feeling of this message was a perfect fit with the new project.

Upcoming Show:

San Francisco, CA

Surprise Me Mr. Davis (The Slip + Nathan Moore)

w/ Sensations

Dec 6th @ The Independent


09 For The Paper Boy.mp3


30 Nov, 2007

Here's the only Los Lobos I own, but it rocks in a very unique way. These guys should be more play.

Colossal Head.zip


Painfully addictive


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