A word about MOO and customer service

Yeah, yeah, the customer is always right. The customer is king. But who really goes to lengths to walk that talk? Well, so far, MOO, that’s who.

I ordered a set of MOO cards to take with me down to the SXSWi festival. I’m thinking of them as my secondary “social” card to accompany the Hamilton Partners business card. It’s going to include my Pownce account, Twitter account as well as 2 IM accounts.

The order was placed on the 23rd of February and according to an email I received, it “dispatched” on the 26th. When I never received an email with a DHL tracking code, I contacted MOO to ask about my cards. After the requisite auto-email back to me, the next day I get a personal email from a customer service rep. He explained that unfortunately the cards were sent standard shipping but I could get another set expressed to me at no charge.

All well and good but the problem was I’d be in Austin by the time of arrival. No worries, they could instead send them to my hotel. BUT even better, MOO’s Operations Manager just so happens to be attending SXSW so I’ll be getting my cards personally delivered. Now that’s service. Assuming the quality is up to snuff, MOO has a lifelong advocate.

I’ll try to save some cards to show’em off when I return.

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  1. Hand-delivered MOO cards at SXSWi | Sometimes, I think. says:

    [...] what can I say? This was quite the customer experience. If you missed my original post about this, I had ordered a set of MOO cards to hand out in addition to my business cards. I wanted [...]

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