Spontaneous beauty

The Daily Monster mastheadThere’s a site/blog I’ve passed around to some peeps in the past called the Daily Monster. When I first discovered it, designer Stefan Bucher was on monster #87 or something like that. Today, he’s just posted monster #200 and it’s yet again impressive. I can relate to the spontaneity of his illustrations because I also often make an illustration out of spilled coffee on my notebook.

It’s a great exercise to try out because you’re drawing your creativity from a deeper place within.

It’s been quite some time since I had visited but Stefan sent out a polite email announcing his completion of the 2nd 100. The public evolution of his illustration style has been fun to observe. Over the course of time, he’s built up a great following, been featured in some prominent pubs like Wired, Business Week and the Onion. All of this because he did an idea just to do it. This passion of his has turned into books, DVDs and surely it’s been an exposure vehicle to win new business for his design profession.

Well done, Stefan. You’re an inspiration.

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  1. Cecille Johannsen says:

    Have you tried the cpa course from Morgan International in Canada?

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