Pownce R.I.P.

Good bye Pownce, I loved you for this short period of time. You were more useful to me than Twitter and I’m not sure what’s out there to replace how I used your site. You were more than a glorified Twitter and I always felt it was an unfair comparison.

Things that made it rock:

  • Groups
  • Private / Public messaging
  • File sharing
  • File embedding like vids and photos
  • Desktop app
  • A willingness and confidence to allow badges linking to my other social avenues

Looking back on my thread of Pownce notes offers a fun snapshot of what I found interesting in 2008 and what music I shared with the group I dubbed “music snobs.” Supposedly, the pownce group is batching my archive and I’ll be able to download it soon. It will be like a shoebox of goodness – bits and scraps of links, tunes and photos.

Good luck, Leah, Daniel and Mike. I think Kevin Rose will be just fine. He mostly twittered anyway!

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  1. Rodney Rumford says:

    I too was sad to see pownce go by the wayside, as i really liked it quite a bit. I liked the service better than twitter for many of the reasons that you mentioned; but it never got traction and hit the tipping point. I, like most people go where their friends, peers, clients and prospects are.

    I would love to see some of the mentioned features on the twitter functional road map in the near future but i doubt we will see them any time soon as they have their hands full with what they currently have cobbled together.


  2. jim says:

    I too will miss Pownce. Thanks for turning me onto it and thanks for the recent Hold Steady tasty treat. I just picked up tickets to see them at the House of Blues on January 15th for a Cubs Care concert. Have a good holiday.

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